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Mythic Beasts runs a text message alert system from our servers in the USA. We have now opened this up to customers so customers can use our alerting system to monitor their services.

Monitoring is configured through the Customer Control Panel, under 'Services'.

Free ping monitoring

All Mythic Beasts customers who have been allocated an IP address are entitled to free ping monitoring of that IP. We will ping the address once per minute and if we fail to receive a response for five minutes we will SMS the number(s) you have selected with an alert.

To configure monitoring you can add entries using the form in the control panel. You may add as many monitors as you like.

Service mythic:sphinx Your service identifier
Host The IP to ping
Alert List +441223123456,+2512234123456 Comma seperated list of mobile numbers to alert
Active active If the monitor should be active now.

Free monitoring includes a maximum of 20 SMS messages per month. Additional text messages are charged at 10p per message. In the event of a failure texts would be sent every 15 minutes with the following content.

mythic:sphinx; 2008-03-09 15:06:06; ping failed

Paid Monitoring

Our paid for monitoring allows ping monitoring as above, but you can monitor any ip address or hostname, irrespective of who it is hosted with. Additionally you can set the alert timeout to values other than the default of five minutes.

The Web monitor allows you to check a webpage for content. The following example would fetch the webpage hosted at and alert if the resulting page does not contain the word Mythic for more than two minutes.

Service mythic:web Your service identifier
String Mythic
The URL to fetch and the STRING that should be present in the page
Timeout 120 How long to wait in seconds before alerting
Alert List +441223123456,+2512234123456 Comma seperated list of mobile numbers to alert
Active active If the monitor should be active now.

The paid for monitoring service includes up to 50 text messages per month and up to 50 seperate monitors, and costs £5 per month or £50 per year. Paid for monitoring is available to all customers.

Our monitoring service is intelligent enough to combine messages, if you have multiple web monitors on the same host the messages would be combined so you would only be charged for one message.

Monitoring API

We have an API available to all customers to manipulate their monitoring setup. Requests to the API take the form of HTTP POST requests containing a number of HTTP parameters. These are documented below. HTTP requests should be made to

HTTP parameters

account (required) Your mythic beasts account number

password (required) Your account password

command(required) An API command. Commands take the form of a verb followed by some parameters


This lists the tasks configured in the monitoring system.

This lists the available lists of phone numbers / email addresses to send alerts to.

ACTIVATE service-name
This activates the monitoring service listed and enables monitoring.

DEACTIVATE service-name
This disables the monitoring service listed and stops alerts

ADD service-name timeout service-type active alert-list param0 param1
This adds a new service to the service monitoring.

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