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Server co-location

Co-location is a cost-effective way of hosting a server on the Internet. (The word is often spelled co-location, co-lo, colo or even collocation. They're all the same.) Put simply, you take the server to the bandwidth, not the other way round -- you pay us to keep your server in our rack, connected to our network. You retain full control over your own hardware, but take advantage of our excellent connectivity and hosting facilities.

If you're new to co-location, have a look at our server co-location guide.

Co-location done properly

Mythic Beasts provides high-quality co-location facilities at very competitive prices. As long term co-location customers ourselves, we know what makes decent co-lo:


We offer four standard co-location packages. The lower bandwidth packages are hosted in Cambridge, taking advantage of data center power prices, whereas higher bandwidth packages are hosted in London.

  Low bandwidth
Medium bandwidth
High bandwidth
Very High bandwidth
Monthly bandwidth allowance 10GB 100GB 250GB 1000GB 3000GB
Rackspace 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U
Power 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A 0.5A
Masterswitch (instant, unlimited power-cycles) included
Setup fee 100
Serial Console included
Monitoring included
Traffic between multiple servers unlimited
Price (annual) 450 600 800 1200 2500
Cost for additional 0.25A 200 per year 425 per year
Cost for additional 0.5A and 1U 400 per year 850 per year
Cost for excess bandwidth 0.25/GB 0.25/GB 0.25/GB 0.07/GB 0.07/GB
Up and Running service from £25 one off
Managed Hosting service from £500 per year

Co-location prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

Monthly and quarterly pricing is available at 1/10th and 11/40ths of the annual prices, respectively, but please note that all contracts are on a 30-days-notice basis: we'll refund pro-rata if you cancel early.

Power consumption

Due to rising power costs, colocation of your own hardware is an increasingly expensive business. As a guide, unless you specially buy a low power / energy smart server you should expect your power consumption to be 0.5-1A for 1CPU + 2 disks, adding an extra 0.5A for every extra CPU or four disks in your server. There are various online calculators from the major server vendors which will assist you in gauging the power consumption of your server. We will measure the peak power draw of your server during startup to gauge billing.

We can usually offer up-to-date advice on lower power configurations from our preferred suppliers. Feel free to get in touch before buying a server for colocation.

Low-power alternatives

We offer much cheaper colocation and dedicated server rates on Apple Mac Mini hardware due to its exceptionally low power consumption. For maximum price performance the Mac Mini dedicated server or Mac Mini colocated server is very hard to beat. The Apple machines are based on laptop CPUs and use one sixth of the power of the average 1U colocated server.

Bandwidth allowances apply to the larger of incoming and outgoing bandwidth used in each month, and we bill only for traffic which leaves our network, internal transfers are free.

IP addresses

By default, your server will be allowed one external IP address. If you require more IP addresses and the justification would be acceptable to RIPE, we can allow you the use of other addresses as and when required.

Paid support

Setting up software, firewalls, user accounts or anything else you want on your co-located server is completely up to you (though we can usually offer helpful advice if you need it). But we can generally perform any of these systems administration tasks you need, at a cost of £60/hour (minimum charge 15). Drop an email to telling us what you need, and one of our team will get in touch with you right away to discuss your requirements.


If you're interested in hosting a server with us, please drop us an email at If you're new to co-location, we have a guide outlining the steps involved in getting your server hosted with us.

If you don't want the hassle of maintaining your hardware, but still want the freedom to choose it, you may be interested in our Managed hosting. We manage the RAID arrays, the hardware, the OS install and key security patches for you, and if your server goes offline we get notified and bring it back up for you.


  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hardware is configured to make use of a serial console, although we can certainly give advice on doing this under Linux. If you're buying new hardware, it's worth trying to get a motherboard with a BIOS that can be accessed via a serial port.
  2. All machines must be supported by customer-supplied sliding rails. This is to ensure adequate air circulation, and so that machines can be removed and replaced without disturbing other servers.

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