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Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers combine the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with the cost savings of shared hosting. A Virtual Server gives you full root access on your own Linux server.

Pay annually and get 12 months for the price of 10.

Price per month
(inc VAT)
RAM disk CPU cores monthly bandwidth
VS Lite 8.40
512MB 10GB 1 75GB
VS 1 15.00
1GB 20GB 1 100GB
VS 2 26.00
2GB 40GB 2 175GB
VS 4 40.00
4GB 80GB 2 300GB
VS 8 75.00
8GB 160GB 4 500GB
VS 12 110.00
12GB 240GB 4 750GB
VS 16 140.00
16GB 320GB 4 1TB
VS 24 200.00
24GB 480GB 4 1.5TB
VS 32 260.00
32GB 640GB 4 2TB
VS 48 380.00
48GB 960GB 4 3TB
VS 64 500.00
64GB 1.25TB 4 4TB
VS 80 600.00
80GB 1.5TB 4 5TB

Configure and Order

We aim to fulfill all orders within three UK working hours.


Optional extras

What you get with a Virtual Server

A Virtual Server acts just like a real dedicated server, although in some ways it is even more convenient. You can connect with VNC to the console to install your chosen Linux distribution (or others, including FreeBSD) — in graphical mode — just as if you were sitting in front of it. Once installed, you can log in to your server as root (through VNC or by SSH) and configure whatever services and users you need. You take full control of (and responsibility for) setting up the machine, though we can offer some advice; if you need a server preconfigured with specific installed packages, please email us for a quote.

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers also come with our unique admin console. This allows you to reboot and "power cycle" your server, load different CD images into the virtual CDROM drive, set credentials for VNC access, and configure a serial console.

What's behind it?

Our virtual server are provided using the KVM / qemu virtualization system. The "host servers" are located in our facilities in London and Cambridge ensuring excellent connectivity and very extensive UPS coverage.

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