Mythic Beasts

User Mode Linux patches

This page lists patches that have been developed by Mythic Beasts for the User Mode Linux (UML) kernel used to provide our Virtual Dedicated Servers.

UBD performance improvements

The stock UBD implementation has significant scope for performance improvements, particularly in the case of large I/O requests. The newubd patch implements some of these improvements.

Entropy on boot

A potential issue with running a UML system is the lack of real hardware to provide entropy for /dev/random. This becomes an issue for distributions that make significant use of /dev/random during boot, as it can cause the boot process to hang, blocked on reading from /dev/random.

This patch seeds the guest's entropy pool with data from the host's /dev/random device. This patch is against


Disable reboot

We prefer to have our servers halt, rather than reboot, so that our host management software can reboot with server with any applicable configuration changes. This simple patch disables the reboot functionality in the kernel. This patch is against


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