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tpop3d is a fast, extensible and secure POP3 server with support for virtual email hosting.


vmail-sql is a complete virtual domains email setup, including a web control panel which allows individual users to modify the configuration of their domains.


vpn-udp implements virtual private networks over UDP.


tfinger - replacement finger client and daemon.


iftop - top for networks.


consolidate - a console server.


vscvs is a proxy which allows you to set up multiple "pserver" CVS repositories on a machine, each owned by an unprivileged user, and each with a user-defined, per-module access-control list.


I Like My Data And I Want To Keep It is a daemon that sits in the background and slowly reads all the data on your disks. It monitors the smart details for your disks and the status of your RAID controller (3ware/LSI/software RAID) and sends alerts when the one of the disks in the array fails. We use this on all our managed servers.


mb_boot_tv is our bootloader for the AppleTV. It installs from USB memory stick and sets up the AppleTV to boot linux, and optionally from a netboot recovery system over the network.


This is a tiny utility which takes a BSD mailspool (messages separated by "\n\nFrom ") and discards messages from the beginning until it is smaller than a certain size. One situation where this is useful is where you have automatic spam filtering into a junk folder; you check that occasionally, but don't want to fill your disk (or user quota) with rubbish if you don't get round to it for a while; another is if you keep a copy of part of your main inbox for remote access by POP3 or similar, for instance from a mobile phone or some other device on a slow network.

To get hold of the program, download trimfolder-20041010.tar.gz and compile it with make.

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