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SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are the foundation for website security using the https protocol. The certificate proves that the public key installed on your https web server truly belongs to your organisation. Mythic Beasts will guide you through the process of purchasing an SSL certificate - ultimately they are issued by one of several globally recognised Certification Authorities.

Various different SSL certificates are available. They all provide the same level of encryption (256-bit depending on the user's browser); the differences relate to how many servers the certificate can be installed on, and the level of identity validation performed by the Certification Authority before the certificate is granted.

Domain Validated

A Domain Validated SSL certificate is the simplest option, with the most rapid turnaround. These certificates authenticate a single server, for example, which also covers

Extended Validation

An Extended Validation certificate produces the "Green Bar" in modern web browsers, indicating that the Certification Authority has followed a specific set of identity verification criteria. These criteria require extensive verification of the your company's identity by the CA before the certificate is issued. Like the Domain Validated certificate, they authenticate a single server.


If you have many servers that require certificates, a Wildcard certificate may be more cost-effective. This certificate validates as many servers within your domain as you want, with the proviso that the * represents only one level of domain name, so a wildcard certificate for * works for but not

Certificate Prices

All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT. To order a certificate, please email us.

Domain Validated£30.00
Extended Validation£180.00

Hosting SSL Sites

We charge £30.00 per year to host an SSL site on one of our shared hosting servers.

Secondary DNS

Mythic Beasts provide secondary DNS free of charge for colocation, dedicated and virtual dedicated server customers. For other customers we charge £12 per year for an unlimited number of domains.

Fallback MX

Mythic Beasts provide fallback MX for £12 per year.

Web/email redirection £10 per year

Mailing lists £5 per year

If you don't have a shell or hosting account with us we can provide mailing lists This allows for 50 MB traffic/week.

Please email us for further details or to order any of the services on this page.

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