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Managed Hosting

With our Managed Hosting service, we take care of keeping your services running, allowing you to get on with running your business. Standard features include:


We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Managed Hosting, and we are happy to take on as little or as much responsibility as you want. We can provide the most basic service of ensuring that your server is up and running, through to understanding the details of your custom web application and providing monitoring and assistance to keep it running.

Managed Hosting is available on any of our Dedicated or Virtual server services. Managed Hosting can also be provided on our Co-location services, and if you use one of our preferred suppliers, we will take care of managing any hardware replacements under the on-site warranty.

Transparent Communication

As part of our Managed Hosting service, we maintain notes on your configuration. We believe in transparent communication, so we make all of these notes available in a private wiki environment, allowing you to see and modify any of the information that we have on record for you.

More Details

To discuss your particularl requirements and to get a quote, please contact us at

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