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Linux on Mac

A modern 1U x86 based server is vastly over-specified for the average web hosting application. It also uses far more power and takes up far more space in a rack than it needs to, making it costly to host. The Mac Mini's small size and low power consumption makes it an ideal hosting platform. And the good news is that it even runs Linux.

Our Mac Mini Dedicated servers are located in one of our three hosting facilities, TelecityRedbus Harbour Exchange / Sovereign House (Docklands, London) or Redstone in Cambridge.

We don't have serial consoles available on Mac Minis but we have a neat bootloader that allows us to remotely reboot any Mac Mini into our Debian based recovery mode which allows complete remote control over the machine no matter how serious the mistake made by the administrator.

Our servers are available with your choice of Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS Linux or MacOS. Other Linux distributions available on request; please contact us if you're interested in running another operating system.

Configuration and pricing

Please see our order form for details of currently available specifications, pricing, and special offers.

More disk space ?

If you're after substantially more disk space than the Mini comes with you can locate with it an external hard disk. A 2.5inch USB disk is free of charge providing it needs no external power supply. A 3.5inch powered disk attracts an extra £10 / month, £27/quarter or £100 / year.

Other specs? Host your own Mac?

We can supply differently specified Mac Minis. Please email us for a quote. Note that since such machines must usually be ordered specially, there may be a delay before provisioning; we may also make a small up-front charge (redeemable against hosting costs). We can also offer other operating systems, such as FreeBSD, NetBSD, or other flavours of Linux — please contact us for more information if you're interested.

We also offer a Mac Mini co-location service, if you'd prefer to supply your own machine.

If the Mac Mini server isn't quite powerful enough for you, you'll want to look at our dedicated 1U servers with hardware RAID. Or if you're on a tight budget, a virtual dedicated server may be right for you.

Linux on Mac — does that work?

Absolutely. Linux has been running successfully on PPC-based Macs for years. The advent of Intel-based Macs has made running Linux on a Mac even more straightforward. Mythic Beasts have provided hardware to support the development of Linux drivers for the Intel Mac Mini hardware, and have developed our own custom bootloader to make the Mini even more suitable for use in a server environment.

If you want to know how we did it, have a look at our Mac Mini Howto.


If you're interested in a dedicated Mac Mini server, please go right ahead and order one now! Or, if you have any questions at all, or would like to arrange a call from our sales team, please drop us an email at

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