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Dedicated Hardware

This page gives details of the hardware behind our Dedicated Server packages. Our dedicated servers are based on two different platforms, with our single-disk systems provided using Apple hardware, and our multi-disk RAID systems built by DNUK.

Single disk Intel-based servers

Our Intel-based servers are provided using Apple's Mac Mini systems. These might at first seem like a strange choice for server hardware, but with today's soaring data center power prices, energy consumption is key, and we've yet to find a package that beats these machines for efficiency without sacrificing performance.

We've been hosting on Minis since early 2005 and they've proven themselves to be an exceptionally reliable hosting platform. They allow us to provide you with a real, dedicated server at a price better than many virtual server packages.

Since Apple switched from PPC to Intel processors, Linux runs on these machines just like any other x86 hardware. Since this is stock Apple hardware we can also offer these machines running Mac OS X.

More information on our Mac Mini platform can be found here. Or you can jump right in and order a Dedicated Server now.

RAID Servers

For many applications, redundant storage is critical. You want not only to survive a disk failure without any loss of data, but also to replace the failed disk with no downtime. That's where our dedicated servers with hot-swap hardware RAID come in. Our servers feature 3ware SATA RAID cards. In the simplest configuration, this is connected to a pair of 1TB disks, offering 1TB of storage in a high performance RAID-1 (mirrored) configuration.

People keep telling you RAM is cheap, so why do some dedicated server providers charge so much for RAM upgrades? Our RAID servers come with 8GB as minimum, going right up to 192GB. RAM is cheap, which is why we stock nothing smaller than 8GB machines, and don't waste time and money upgrading.

You can order a Hardware RAID Dedicated Server now. Or if you have any questions, or would like a quote for a custom configuration, please email us.

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